"All paths converge in the healing ocean of justice"

Delaware Humanities Forum Courses

Charito is an active member of the Delawre Humanities Forum (DHF). DHF is an organization that brings together various experts in the fields of humanities and the arts in an effort to promote cultural education and increase civic duty within the community. Click www.dhf.org to go to the DHF website.

Charito was recently accepted for two programs within the Delaware Humanities Forum. This selection allows Charito to be a Visiting Scholar (VS) as well as a member of the Speakers Bureau (SB) for the Delaware Humanities Forum.

Click www.dhf.org/visiting_scholars.cfm for information about the DHF Visiting Scholar Program

Click www.dhf.org/speakers_bureau.cfm for information about the DHF Speakers Bureau Program

Through these affiliations, Charito can be invited to teach Diversity in Latin America at Delaware Sstate schools in two capacities: 1) As Visiting Scholar, teaching several courses such as Restorative Justice and the Circle Process and, 2) as a Speakers Bureau member, teaching several courses such as Peacebuilding Traditions and Restorative Justice.