"All paths converge in the healing ocean of justice"

Services We Provide

Charito can provide various training to groups who are interested:

  1. As part of the Delaware Humanities Forum (DHF), she is a Visiting Scholar and teaches "Diversity in Latin America" to schools.  This is a free course provided to schools upon request.

    Click www.dhf.org/visiting_scholars.cfm for information about the DHF Visiting Scholar Program.

  2. As part of the DHF, she is a member of the Speakers Borough and teaches three subjects: "Diversity in Latin America", "Peacebuilding in Latin America", and "Restorative Justice and Circles in Organizations".  The intended audience is for organizations only and has a $50 fee payable to the Delaware Humanities Forum.

    Click http://www.dhf.org/speakers_bureau.cfm for information about the DHF Speakers Bureau.

For further information, contact Charito.